Start Your Own Water Park, Amusement Park Business

Start Your Own Water Park, Amusement Park Business

 Start Your Own Water Park, Amusement Park Business.jpg

Start Your Own Water Park, Amusement Park Business

Features Water Play areas such as Swimming Pools, Water Slides, Splash Pads, Water Playgrounds, Lazy Rivers, as well as areas for Bathing, Swimming, and Other Barefoot Environments.


A water park is one of the most visited places when it comes to leisure and entertainment. Water parks want to offer the most attractive, exciting, and appealing rides. Ideally, a water park has attractions ranging from Thrill rides to family slides to kids play area making it popular amongst people of all ages and walks of life.

Amusement water parks generally feature a few water rides, such as the log flume, bumper boats, and rowing boats. Such rides are usually gentler and shorter than roller coasters and many are suitable for all ages. Water rides are especially popular on hot days.

The Water Parks industry has made a big splash over the five years to 2017. Increased consumer spending has played into the industry’s growth as consumers splurged on discretionary items such as water park tickets. Waterpark related development is expected to grow in 2017, with over 40 expansions and new facilities opening.

The waterpark industry continues to expand in North America, with more than $550 million worth of new investment in indoor and outdoor waterparks and their related resorts in 2016. Waterpark related development is expected to grow in 2017, with over 40 expansions and new facilities opening.

2017 Water Park Openings and Additions by Region

2017 Water Park Openings and Additions by Region.png

Every year industry is seeing 15-20 percent growth in the sector – be it expansion of existing parks or the setting up of new ones. The Industry has been growing at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 17.5 percent with annual revenue of approx. INR 17 billion and estimated to grow to at least INR 40 billion by 2020.

The waterpark industry continues to grow bigger and better. Slides, rides and attractions become more impressive, and both municipal and private parks seek to attract more people with large numbers of rides, attractions and amenities. Properly located and well-managed indoor and outdoor waterparks achieve strong revenues and net income.

List of Few Major Water Parks in India

  • The amusing lake in Nicco park area, in Kolkata, West Bengal
  • Accoland, Guwahati
  • Amaazia, Surat
  • Anandi Water Park, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
  • Appu Ghar
  • Aqua Marina Water Parks and Resorts, Kolkata
  • Aqua Village, Pinjore
  • Aquamagica, Adlabs Imagica, Khopoli
  • Aquatica, Kolkata
  • Bellilious Park, Kolkata
  • Black Thunder, Mettupalayam, Tamil Nadu
  • Dash n Splash, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Dolphin the Water World, Agra (U.P.)
  • Dream World, Thrissur, Kerala
  • Fantasy Park, Palakkad, Kerala
  • Fantasy World, Kolkata
  • Fun N Food Village, Gurgaon, New Delhi
  • Fun N Food Park, NAGPUR,
  • Funcity, Panchkula
  • Funtasia Water Park, Patna
  • Jal Vihar, Hyderabad
  • Juckies, Kannur, Kerala
  • Jungle Water Park, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
  • Blue World, Mandhana, Kanpur
  • Sports Village, Bithoor, Kanpur
  • Ekta Water Park, Kanpur
  • Hungama World, Patna
  • Water Island (Fantasy Motels), Kanpur Lucknow Hwy, Unnao
  • Kishkinta, Chennai
  • Manasa Water Park, Mangalore
  • Merry Kingdom, Kannur, Kerala
  • Nature Park, Kolkata
  • Nicco Park, Kolkata
  • Ocean Park, Hyderabad
  • Pink City Water Park, Jaipur
  • Rose Valley Amusement Parks, Kolkata
  • Sentosa, Pune
  • Savin Kingdom, Siliguri, West Bengal
  • Somanipuram Adventure Park, Indore
  • Splashdown Waterpark Goa, Anjuna, Goa
  • Splash-The Water Park Delhi, Alipur, Delhi
  • Splash-The Fun World Ahmedabad, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  • Splash-The Suncity Gwalior, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh
  • Splash-The Resorts Hisar, Hisar, Haryana
  • Splash Water World, Rohtak, Haryana
  • Tikuji-Ni-Wadi, Thane, Maharashtra
  • Vanraj water park, Junagadh, Gujarat
  • Vismaya, Kannur, Kerala
  • Water Kingdom, Gorai, Mumbai
  • Wet N’ Joy Water Park, Lonavala
  • Wonderla, Kochi, Bangalore and Hyderabad
  • Worlds of Wonder Water Park, Noida
  • Shanku’s Water Park & Resort, Mehsana Gujarat
  • Swapna srushti water park, Gandhinagar Gujarat
  • Heaven water world, Gondal Gujarat

Amusement and Water Parks are spread across the geography of our country and attracts around 30 million visitors per annum. Visitors to these amusement parks are mostly local constituting around 80 percent and the other 20 percent is corporate and large groups. Amusement parks are an essential part of the global leisure and entertainment industry. The industry can be broadly categorized into amusement parks, theme parks and water parks. The sector can also be largely segmented on the basis of the catchment area that they cater to, along with the type and scale of activities they offer.

Cost Estimation:

Capacity                         :         1000 visitors / Day

Plant & Machinery          :         84 Lakh

Total Capital Investment:         362 Lakh

Rate of Return                 :         41%

Break Even Point             :         38%

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