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 Production of Toilet Paper Rolls, Facial Tissue & Paper Napkins

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The tissues paper sector has boomed over the last few years. With a move to more luxurious tissue paper and ultra-absorbent paper towels the industry has been able to increase the tissue prices and create new brands to retain consumers. Tissue can be made both from virgin and recycled paper pulp. Majorly there are five types of tissue papers namely; Bathroom Tissue, Facial Tissue, Paper Towel, Paper Napkin and, Specialty and Wrapping Tissue.

A napkin, serviette or face towelette is a rectangle of cloth used at the table for wiping the mouth and fingers while eating. It is usually small and folded, sometimes in intricate designs and shapes.

Toilet paper is a tissue paper product used by people primarily for the ablution of the anus and surrounding area of fecal material after defecation and by human females for cleaning the perineal area of urine after urination and other bodily fluid releases. It also acts as a layer of protection for the hands during these processes. It is sold as a long strip of perforated paper wrapped around a paperboard core for storage in a dispenser near a toilet. Most modern toilet paper in the developed world is designed to decompose in septic tanks, whereas some other bathroom and facial tissues are not. Toilet paper comes in various plies or layers of thickness, from one-ply all the way up to six-ply, meaning that it is either a single sheet or multiple sheets placed back-to-back to make it thicker, stronger and more absorbent.

Facial tissue and paper handkerchief refers to a class of soft, absorbent, disposable papers that are suitable for use on the face. They are disposable alternatives for cloth handkerchiefs. The terms are commonly used to refer to the type of paper tissue, usually sold in boxes, that is designed to facilitate the expulsion of nasal mucus from the nose (nose-blowing) although it may refer to other types of facial tissues including napkins and wipes.

Few Indian Major Players are as under:

  • Naini Tissues Ltd.
  • Pamwi Tissues Ltd.
  • Premier Tissues India Ltd.
  • Pudumjee Hygiene Products Ltd.
  • S R Foils & Tissue Ltd.
  • Tainwala Healthcare Products Pvt. Ltd.
  • Vally Fibers & Tissues Ltd.

Market Outlook

Tissue paper is a lightweight paper and has become one of the most essential commodities of daily life. Tissue paper products are generally made from three main types of raw material: Wood free (or chemical) pulp, Wood-containing (or mechanical) pulp and Recovered paper. The tissue paper came into use in 1920’s and since then the consumption of tissue paper has been consistently increasing. The continuous developments in the tissue paper industry have enabled individuals to lead a more sterile and hygienic life.

Global Tissue Paper market to grow at a CAGR of 4.9 percent over the period 2012-2016. One of the key factors contributing to this market growth is the increasing demand of tissue paper for personal hygiene. The Global Tissue Paper market has also been witnessing an increase in the number of international trips between the western and eastern worlds. However, the increasing demand for hand-drier machines could pose a challenge to the growth of this market.

Tissue and hygiene in India witnessed strong double-digit growth in 2016 aided by increasing consumer disposable income and consumer awareness.

Tissues & wipes products have seen a tremendous growth in the recent years in India.

The global tissue paper market to grow at a CAGR of 4.88% over the period 2014-2019.

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