Compendium of Herbal Plants (Panicum Pilosum, Papaver Rhoeas, Phaseolus Trilobus, Rhus Toxicodendron, Ribes Nigrum, Rosmarinus Officinalis, Sambucus Racemosa, Schlichera Trijuga, Sedum Acre, Taxus Baccta, Terminalia Belerica, Tilia Platyphyllos, Verbascum Densiflorum, Xanthium Strumarium, Zizyphus Oenoplia)

Compendium of Herbal Plants

Compendium of Herbal Plants

India is one of the leading Herbs producer and exporter in the world. Several meticulous researches were conducted and experimented with herbs. They arrived at more precise conclusions about the usefulness of diverse plants and herbs that are utilized in different fields like medicine, cosmetics, and perfumes and so on. Herbal plants have been used for medicinal applications from earliest time, when man began caring for his body and health. The Ayurveda healing is completely based on herbs, which have definite medicinal importance or significance. In the primeval times, the Indian sagacious held the view that ayurveda herbs are the only resolution to treat numeral health related problems and diseases. Herbal products are replacing the synthetics products because of its harsh nature. Producing herbs for the medicinal market has received a lot of interest from potential commercial growers, but it is still a new and uncertain market. Herbal products are in huge demand in the developed world for health care for the reason that they are efficient, safe and have lesser side effects. The emphasis of development of new biologically active molecule has been gradually replaced by use of total herbs as medicine and food supplements. There are numerous types of herbal plants; some of them are paeonia officinalis, panicum pilosum, papaver bracteatum, papaver rhoeas, papaver somniferum, petasites hybridus, petroselinum crispum, peucedanum ostruthium, phaseolus trilobus, phaseolus vulgaris etc. Growing herbs is easy to do, and people continue to turn their love for gardening into successful businesses growing and selling fresh cut herbs, herb plants, and other herb related products.

Market Outlook

India is also developing strategies to capture the $14 billion global market for medicinal herbs (plant raw materials) and $60 billion market for herbal medicines and food supplements.

Medicinal herbs, largely organic, are part of the $36.89 billion global market for organic food. The demand for medicinal plant-based raw materials is growing at the rate of 15 to 25 per cent annually.

The Indian Herbal Plant Extract market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 22% during 2017-2022.

The demand for Herbal plants is likely to increase from the current $14 billion a year to $5 trillion in 2050.

The global trade in medicines and food supplements made out of herbs is, however, higher at $60 billion a year, of which India’s total turnover is only Rs 2,300 crore.

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