Choose Your Industry Before Startup


Entrepreneurship is one of the critical decisions to be made. It involves number of risk and has its own advantages also. But the charm of being a master of you is always above any other form of work. To start you own venture you have to decide on many things. Making a choice of the right project is a difficult decision for an entrepreneur and is an imperative decision. For the reason that rest of the challenges for setting up a business is based on the type of the product that an entrepreneur decides. Getting thorough knowledge is a must. Starting your own business is one of the few remaining paths to wealth. You do not need to be a genius to run a successful business, but you do need some help. And that is exactly what this book is, a guide into the stimulating world of business ownership. Entrepreneurship helps in the development of nation. A successful entrepreneur not only creates employment for himself but for hundreds. Deciding on a right project can lead you to the road to success. To help budding entrepreneurs this book contains more than 350 project profiles with project capacity, cost of project, rate of return etc.

Identification, the first stage of the project cycle, is a crucially important process leading to the initial screening of projects. This book serves useful purpose for Project identification and helpful to project consultants, engineers, chartered accountants, corporates, individuals including entrepreneurs, financiers, contractors, investors and those who wish to gather at a glance information on the various projects.

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