Non-Ferrous and Precious Metals with Electroplating Chemicals


Non-ferrous metals are much more malleable than ferrous metals. Non-ferrous metals are also much lighter, making them well-suited for use where strength is needed, but weight is a factor, such as in the aircraft or canning industries. Because they contain no iron, non-ferrous metals have a higher resistance to rust and corrosion, which is why you’ll find these materials in use for gutters, water pipes, roofing, and road signs.

The most commonly used non-ferrous metals are aluminium, copper, lead, zinc, nickel, titanium, cobalt, chromium and precious metals. Millions of tonnes of nonferrous scrap are recovered annually and used by smelters, refiners, ingot makers, foundries, and other manufacturers. Some non-ferrous materials are also used in the iron and steel industries.

Important non-ferrous metals include aluminium, copper, lead, nickel, tin, titanium and zinc, and alloys such as brass. Precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum and exotic or rare metals such as cobalt, mercury, tungsten, bismuth, cerium, cadmium, niobium, indium, tantalum and vanadium are also non-ferrous.

Precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum have long been valued as stores of wealth and for use in producing coinage, jewelry and decorative arts. Today, precious metals are used in a wide range of applications including electronic and communications equipment, spacecraft, and jet aircraft engines and can be found in everything from cell phones to catalytic converters.

Gold serves as the most vital element in international banking and over 90 per cent of the world’s total gold production is used in the monetary system. A large quantity of gold is used in India, for the manufacture of jewellery, dentistry and decorative articles. Indian Precious Metals demand has always been very active especially Gold and Silver as Indian’s are known worldwide for their love for Gold, be it simply Bars or Ornaments or Coins. This has been the case ever since Gold was first discovered or introduced into India. Investment to silver in India would nearly double world silver jewellery demand.

Electroplating Chemicals is basically used for metal finishing and electroplating. This chemical is widely demanded in automotive, electronics, telecommunications, aerospace and precision engineering industries. Electroplating is a process in which electrical current is used to reduce dissolved metal cation so that they form a coherent metal coating on an electrode. Additionally, this chemical is used to change the surface properties of an object such as abrasion and wear resistance, corrosion protection, lubricity, etc.

India is among top 20 major producers copper globally. Falling prices of copper in international markets would benefit India, as it is one of the world’s biggest importers of the metal, alongside China, Japan, South Korea and Germany. Nickel demand is derived demand based on the growth of different industrial sector thus exhibits high volatility. Nickel market in India is of total import dependent. India imports around 50,000 mt of Nickel. One of the emerging trends spurring the growth prospects of this market is the extensive applications of titanium. Titanium is used in anodic spark deposition, a technology that has the potential for expanding titanium’s suitability for automotive, biomechanical, marine, and industrial applications.

Demand for non-ferrous metals comes from sectors such as agriculture, automobiles, railways, telecommunications, construction and chemicals. The Make in India campaign coupled with enhanced thrusts to sectors like Defence, Railways, Metro, Power, Housing; which all need huge quantity of Non-Ferrous Metals; will be a great catalyst to spur the demand in India.

Basic precious and non-ferrous metals’ turnover expected to see 13% CAGR over 2014-2020 due to expected growth in construction industry.

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