How to start Manufacturing Business of Disposable Products (Plastic Cups, Cutlery, Paper Cups, Banana Leaf Plates, Facial Tissues, Wet Wipes, Toilet Paper Roll, Sanitary Napkins, Baby Diapers, Thermocol Products, PET Bottles)



Now a days Disposable Products are widely required and used across the world. These are highly used for commercial and domestic purpose. Different kind of disposable products are available at industry leading prices such as paper cups, cup sleeves, cup clutches, plastic lids, ceramic cups/mugs, bio disposable products, medical disposables, disposable gloves, disposable take-away packaging, etc.

The fast moving life and modernization simultaneously lead to the necessity of disposables in one’s life. One cannot wash utensils all the time, neither can afford to arrange fine and good cutlery of glass or steel in a party for the guest. At such times, people rush for the disposables available in the market with variety of colors and designs.

For a manufacturer, to produce disposables is a good deal keeping in view the present demand and growth in the market. This handbook is a complete well to do package for a layman to understand the basic steps to be followed for setting up a plant for a particular disposable product. The book contains raw material details, product manufacturing process, machinery details, and images with raw material and machinery suppliers.

The Disposable Products Manufacturing Handbook is about producing Plastic Cups, Cutlery, Paper Cups, Banana Leaf Plates, Facial tissues, Wet Wipes, Toilet Paper Roll, Sanitary Napkins, Baby Diapers, Thermocol Products, PET Bottles that are used by masses in their day to day life. This well-established text provides a comprehensive coverage of the manufacturing processes adopted to manufacture various disposable products. It gives a holistic view of products produced, which has inputs from diverse fields. The book discusses the importance and objectives of processes and material used for the production of disposable products. Many examples have been provided to illustrate the concepts discussed.

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