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PSC stands for pre-stressed concrete. These are highly durable and strong PSC Poles fabricated from excellent quality concrete material. These poles are used extensively in electrical industry, for establishing electrical connections and fittings. PSC poles are available in different dimensions and weight depending on the requirement. The poles are eco friendly and require very low maintenance.

Types of Utility Distribution Poles:

  • Tangent poles
  • Guyed poles
  • Self-supporting poles

Prestressed concrete poles are being used now a day. These poles have many advantages when compared to traditional poles like Mild steel poles. The manufacturing process is heady duty process and involve many steps. This is mainly focused on the Electrification poles used by the distributing transmission lines. The main factors considered in manufacturing and designing of such poles are economy, required strength and durability. The various material used are steel, cement, admixers like curing compounds, rapid hardening compounds etc.

Prestressed concrete poles are commonly mass produced and are used in most countries for power transmission, antenna masts etc. These poles offer several advantages: Pre-stressed concrete poles are lighter and stronger, and they require less reinforcing steel. The concrete is generally in compression, so cracking is unlikely except from rough handling, and the concrete used is of higher strength so it can withstand the pre-stressing operation. Due to the special manufacturing process, in which the poles are spun at high speeds, they have a smoother surface that is denser and less permeable.

Prestressed concrete poles suitable for use in overhead power, traction and telecommunication lines. Prestressed Concrete poles offer a cost effective, permanent solution for the lighting, utility and surveillance industries. Prestressed concrete poles are fabricated from engineered materials. The prestressed concrete poles have consistent material properties throughout their length. These are not susceptible to rot and decay. The prestressed concrete pole has the same strength throughout its service life.

The demand for Prestressed concrete electric pole directly depends on the growth of electric power sector. Because these poles are solely meant for overhead transmission and distribution of power to consumer units.  As the pole industry grew, however, it became increasingly apparent that it would be helpful, from the stand point of both users and designers.

The power sector is one of the crucial inputs to the growth of other industrial sectors and overall economic growth of India. India has fourth largest installed generating capacity in world but the per capita consumption of electricity is very low, owing to a huge gap between demand and supply of power. Traditionally the power sector was dominated by the public sector but has now been opened for competition from private and foreign players by the government sector.

Few Indian Major Players are as under:-

Ashoka Pre-Con Pvt. Ltd.

Engipress Industries Ltd.

Siporex India Pvt. Ltd.

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