Starting / Opening an Engineering College in India (Establishment of New Engineering College)

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There is need of engineering college in India for the development of country and give the better opportunity to the general merit. But in our country reservation system will not cater the merit of the general student as well as not application of technology by developed technology. Now a days highering of technology and running of administration is the main tool of the Indian’s industry. The economic progress of a country is strongly linked with the quality of education. It is therefore necessary for our technical educators to undertake periodic review of the curriculum and subject content of the technical programmes to ensure that they are up to date, not outmoded or obsolete and effectively fulfill the technological requirements of the country. During the past three decades, many steps have been taken in India to improve the quality of technical education. These include evolution of model syllabi, quality improvement programmes for teachers; encouraging interaction with industry through consultancy and continuing education programmes; and providing impetus for expanding infrastructural facilities in emerging technologies. For economic growth and prosperity, the need is to produce highly professional and competent engineers. This could be achieved by imparting quality teaching to students. Towards this, some norms and standards of engineering education need to be laid down so as to educate the students with appropriate skills suitable for a rapidly changing industrial scenario.

Before formally starting an engineering college you should ensure that students going to enroll find best learning atmosphere there.  Plan the strategy of providing best environment for students who will spend their four precious years in college. When they develop excellent abilities for which they have come down to you their achievements will be word to mouth publicity of your college.

The engineers produced by the huge number of private engineering colleges which have come up after the government sanction for them add up only by way of numbers, in the absence of sound infrastructure, well qualified staff and no emphasis on imparting quality education. There are 3,393 engineering colleges in India in which 15 lakh seats are available. Sixty-five per cent of them are in south India.

The growth of technical education in India has fulfilled the aspirations of a large number of students and parents.  At the same time, it has introduced a high degree of distortion in the types of institutions, the quality of their content, teaching-learning processes, adequacy of infrastructure and faculty. The growth in engineering colleges has not been guided by any discernible policy. There have been several concerted efforts to bring some order and logic to the growth and quality of technical education system.

The rapid growth in the number of engineering colleges can be attributed to an ecosystem built around feeding the $110 billion outsourcing market and the huge demand for engineers in the IT sector in India itself.

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