Formula and Manufacture of Polishes (Floor Polish, Oil Polish, Metal Polish, Furniture Polish, Leather Polish, Shoe Polish, Automobile Polish, Aluminum Polish, Glass Polish)

Formula and Manufacture of Polishes (Floor Polish, Oil Polish, Metal Polish, Furniture Polish, Leather Polish, Shoe Polish, Automobile Polish, Aluminum Polish, Glass Polish)


Polishing is the process of creating a smooth and shiny surface by rubbing it or using a chemical action, leaving a surface with a significant specular reflection (still limited by the index of refraction of the material according to the Fresnel equations.) In some materials (such as metals, glasses, black or transparent stones) polishing is also able to reduce diffuse reflection to minimal values. When an unpolished surface is magnified thousands of times, it usually looks like mountains and valleys. By repeated abrasion, those “mountains” are worn down until they are flat or just small “hills.” The process of polishing with abrasives starts with coarse ones and graduates to fine ones.

There are various types of polishes having industrial and domestic applications; abrasive polish, aluminium polish, motor car polishes, cellulose friction polishes, furniture polishes, leather belt polishes, pine oil metal polish etc. Polishes in India grew by 7% in current retail value terms in 2015 due to similar growth in shoe polish, which represented 41% of total polishes value sales in the year. People having less time to polish shoes by themselves and the higher number of other shoe care products, such as sprays, caused the 7% sales rise in 2015, which was less than the growth rate averaged in the overall review period. The primary objective of the Polish industrial development policy should be to maximise its controllability and to develop the broadest possible array of instruments which will make it possible for us to further our own interests. Today, this means that we need to take control of the most valuable links of the existing value chains and to secure the access to the rarest and most valuable resources as well as to attain the status of a player with a right of veto in complex, multilateral economic systems.

This book basically deals with microcrystalline waxes in floor polishes, properties of braxilian grades of carnauba wax, compatibility of paraffin waxes with other substances, synthetic mineral waxes, miscellaneous synthetic waxes, additives for raising melting point of candles, wax coating for fruits, shribs, and plants, effect of paraffin on esparto montan mixtures, water proofing of kraft papers, production of montan wax, polish, abrasives, metal cleaners, nickel silver castings, cleaning, polishing metals for metallographic analysis, paste for wax calf leather, burnishing polishes for automobile maintenance, etc.

The purpose of this book is to present comprehensive information of different types of wax and polishes like their processing, properties and uses. This book is very useful for new entrepreneurs, technocrats, professionals and researchers.

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