Medical College with Hospital Detailed Project Report

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Medical College with Hospital

A medical college is meant to impart education of medical field to students to qualify them as doctors in different specialized disciplines so as to treat patients suffering from various ailments. Doctors with their dedicated spirit serve the nation at large by providing medication and treatment for eradication of diseases, which exchange health and add suffering to humanity. Normally a medical college is associated with a hospital. Hospitals provide the facilities of O.P.D. and admission for seriously ill seriously injured, seriously burnt and pregnant ladies, causalities etc.

Presently, every city or town in India has no. of private hospitals furnished with latest medical facilities available and with more qualified surgeons, physicians and specialist doctors. Even sometimes, they are furnished with more modern machines than those available in the nearby Government Hospital. These hospitals can be seen well crowded as they provide very good service at a smile. As they are run by privates very good medical care is provided by them.

A private hospital is a place where one may get treatment from ordinary fever to a major surgery operation. As a matter of fact, no limitation has been made for the facilities available in a hospital. However, generally all private hospitals are provided with latest facilities and ultra modern machines. In a hospital, surgeons, physicians, E.N.T., specialists, children specialist, Eye-surgeon, psychologists and sex-specialist are essential.

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