Poultry and Broiler Farming

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Poultry and Boiler Farming

Indian poultry sector has been growing at around 8-10% annually over the last decade with broiler meat volumes growing at more than 10% while table egg at 5-6% driven by increased domestic consumption. Domestic poultry meat production (broiler – carcass weight) is estimated to have increased from less than 1.0 million tons in 2000 to 3.4 million tons in 2012 with per capita consumption increasing from 0.8 kg to 2.8 kg p.a during same period. Table egg production is estimated to have increased from 30 billion eggs in 2000 to 66 billion eggs in 2012 with per capita egg consumption increasing from 28 to 55 eggs during that period. The healthy growth in poultry output over last decade makes India one of the fastest growing major world market in the segment with future growth potential remaining strong on back of wide gap against global per capital consumption norms and favorable socio economic factors. This sector has ever-growing and never ending demand in domestic as well as foreign market. Entrepreneurs interested can well venture in this sector.

Few Major Players are named as under:

Agrocorpex India Ltd.

Arambagh Hatcheries Ltd.

Arora Poultry Products Ltd.

Bangalore Fort Farms Ltd.

Baramati Agro Ltd.

C & M Farming Ltd.

Eastern Hatcheries Ltd.

Harrisons Aquaculture Ltd.

Indus Foods Ltd.

Jagat Agriculture & Forest Ltd.

Japfa Comfeed India Pvt. Ltd.

Kasila Farms Ltd.

Kisan Cold Storage & Refrigeration Service Ltd.

Mafco Ltd.

Puregene Biotech Ltd.

S K F M Ltd.

S K M Animal Feeds & Foods (India) Ltd.

Simran Farms Ltd.

Srinivasa Hatcheries Ltd.

Suguna Foods Ltd.

Suguna Poultry Products Ltd.

Super Farm Products Ltd.

Venco Research & Breeding Farm Pvt. Ltd.

Venkateshwara Hatcheries Pvt. Ltd.

Venkateshwara Research & Breeding Farm Pvt. Ltd.

Venky’S (India) Ltd.

Venkys (India) Ltd.

Walvekar Farms & Food Products Ltd.

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