Most Profitable Small Scale Business Ideas to Start- Fast Moving Consumer Goods Production Business Plans

Entrepreneur’s Start-Up Manufacturing of Profitable Household (FMCG) Products with Process & Formulations

The Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector, also called the consumer packaged goods (CPG) sector, is one of the largest industries worldwide. It is one of the fastest developing sectors in the Indian economy. At present the FMCG Industry is worth US$ 13.1 billion and it is the 4th largest in the Indian Economy. These products have very fast turnaround rate, i.e. the time from production to the revenue from the sell of the product is very less. It is a huge challenge for a start-up to come up with a really new product and the services to match in the consumer goods area in particular. It can feel like everything has already been done.

The consumer goods sector is a highly profitable area of business for many processed foods, soft drinks, toiletries and beauty product manufacturers. Major global companies in this area of business have products that have become household names in many countries.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods Companies have been expanding rapidly. Most of the product categories like jams, toothpaste, skin care, shampoos, etc, have low per capita consumption as well as low penetration level, but the potential for growth is huge. The industry has developed both in the small scale sector and organized sector.

Major contents of the book are banana wafers, biscuits, bread, candy, chocolates, potato chips, rice flakes (poha), corn flakes, baby cereal food, fruit juice, milk powder, paneer, papad, ghee, extruded food (kurkure type), instant noodles, instant tea, jam & jelly, khakhra, soft drinks, spices, sweet scented supari, detergent powder, detergent soap, face freshener tissue, floor cleaner, glass cleaner, henna based hair dye, herbal creams, herbal hair oil, herbal shampoo, incense sticks, lipsticks, liquid detergent, mosquito coils, nail polish, air freshener (odonil type), naphthalene balls, phenyl, shoe polish, tissue paper, toilet cleaner, tooth brush, tooth paste, toothpicks, utensil cleaning bar, packaging.

It will be a standard reference book for professionals, entrepreneurs and food technologists.

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