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 Plastic Optical Lenses

Optical Lenses are optical components designed to focus or diverge light. Optical Lenses, which may consist of a single or multiple elements, are used in a wide variety of applications from microscopy to laser processing. Many industries utilize Optical Lenses, including life sciences, imaging, industrial, or defense. As light passes through a lens, it is affected by the lens’ profile or substrate. A Plano-Convex (PCX) or Double-Convex (DCX) lens causes light to focus to a point, while a Plano-Concave (PCV) or Double-Concave (DCV) lens causes the light traveling through the lens to diverge. Achromatic Lenses are ideal for applications requiring color correction, while Aspheric Lenses are designed to correct spherical aberration. Germanium (Ge), Silicon (Si), or Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) lenses are ideal for transmitting the Infrared (IR) spectrum, while Fused Silica is well suited for the Ultraviolet (UV).

A lens is a transmissive optical device that affects the focus of a light beam through refraction. A simple lens consists of a single piece of material, while a compound lens consists of several simple lenses (elements), usually along a common axis. Lenses are made from transparent materials such as glass, ground and polished to a desired shape. A lens can focus light to form an image, unlike a prism, which refracts light without focusing. Devices that similarly refract radiation other than visible light are also called lenses, such as microwave lenses or acoustic lenses.

Most lenses are spherical lenses: their two surfaces are parts of the surfaces of spheres. Each surface can be convex (bulging outwards from the lens), concave (depressed into the lens), or planar (flat). The line joining the centres of the spheres making up the lens surfaces is called the axis of the lens. Typically the lens axis passes through the physical centre of the lens, because of the way they are manufactured. Lenses may be cut or ground after manufacturing to give them a different shape or size. The lens axis may then not pass through the physical centre of the lens. Thus, due to demand it is a good project for entrepreneurs to invest.


Few Indian Major Players are as under

Bausch & Lomb Eyecare (India) Pvt. Ltd.

G K B Ophthalmics Ltd.

G K B Vision Ltd.

Indo-American Optics Ltd.

Prime Ophthalmic Products Pvt. Ltd.

Techtran Ophthalmics Pvt. Ltd.

Techtran Polylenses Ltd.


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