Products from Industrial and Agricultural Waste (Silicon, Silver, Rubber Powder, Bricks, Particle Board, Oxalic Acid, Plastic Granules, Cotton, Caffine, Cement, etc.)

Waste (Industrial & Agro Waste)

Processing of useful products from waste is achieved by Integrated Waste Management (IWM) which is the most important approach for the management of wastes. Rather than incurring the costs and risks of managing waste, it has been recognized, it is better to reduce the generation of waste. A waste minimization approach is outlined, in order to save costs and greatly minimize environmental liability. The major technique for waste management is recycling, though recycling and use reuse are the two major techniques for waste minimization, the options must be carefully evaluated. In the chemical industry, recovery of solvents, metal values, lubricant and oils has proven particularly cost effective in many countries. There are many such products processed from industrial and agricultural waste like silicon from rice husk, caffeine from tea waste.  Here we are going to describe the waste management options and risks of hazardous waste and technologies related to it. Integrated waste management approach is one of the essential components of any successful waste management programme to control hazardous waste. Hazardous waste management is a new concept for most of the Asian countries including India. The utilization of resources and generation of waste is for beyond the limit that the biosphere was made to carry.

This book basically describes about the waste management options and technologies for the treatment and disposal of hazardous waste, economic policies and analysis in effluent treatment and financial constraint, municipal waste water treatment and energy recovery, cogeneration: a technology in waste reduction, utilization of industrial wastes in cement manufacture, quality and stability factors in composting, environmental legislation and enforcement mechanism etc.

We have made a sincere effort to bring out this book which is a key to the goldmine which can be obtained from waste. For the conservation of our environment and sustainable development, we have tried to bring about the solution. This book is a careful attempt in bringing together some selected articles from both entrepreneurs and specialist on all that is possible in the field of waste management.

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