How to Start Winery/Wine Making Business

The growing popularity of wine in India is generating lots of interest among big and small wine producers. This is also reinforced by the fact that the cost for opening and setting up of wine plants with capacity of around 100,000 lts comes only to somewhere between Rs. 10-15 mn mark. As a result many entrepreneurs, Indian and foreign, are entering in this sector.

Total market of wines, spirits and liquors was estimated at Rs. 127.27 bn in 2007-08, which represents an increase of around 16% over that of the preceding year.

Wine Production

Wine making has been around for thousands of years. In its basic form, wine production is a natural process that requires very little human intervention. Mother Nature provides everything that is needed to make wine; it is up to humans to embellish, improve, or totally obliterate what nature has provided, to which anyone with extensive wine tasting experience can attest.

Wine is the most loved beverage across the world and a popular accompaniment with food. The popularity of wine in India has started growing rapidly. Wine is the fermented product of the grape. Because crushed grapes contain all that is needed to create wine, ancient wine producers simply allowed nature to take its course. As time went on, people realized that by intervening at certain times, they could make a wine with more predictable characteristics. Grape cultivation is one of the most remunerative farming enterprises in India. Grapes can be eaten raw or they can be used for making wine, jam, juice, jelly, vinegar. Delicate wine grapes are generally produced in frost free and moderate temperature environments.   Thousands of grape varieties are grown all over the world; the wine grape varieties represent only a fraction of them. The colour, size, phenolic distribution and acidity of grapes give each wine its own characteristic. Wine quality is affected by the factors such as soil, climate, viticulture and wine making techniques. Wine quality is dictated mainly by the grapevines, not by the winemaker. Wine must be slightly aged to be drinkable. Grape production, linked with wine processing has provided the much-needed impetus for the growth of the wine industry. Indian government plays a crucial role in the current phase of Indian wine industry, supporting the current momentum amongst others through financial assistance and market protection. Gradual reduction of import duty levels will no doubt lead to increasing competition through imports, but will on the longer term result in a competitive industry that is able to export its top quality products to overseas markets.

Some of the fundamentals of the book are wine quality, mold and mold complexes associated with grapes, grape aroma components, soluble solids in winemaking, the molds and yeasts of grapes and wine molds, yeasts of grapes and wine, by-products of fermentation, chemistry of fermentation and composition of wines, outline of red wine making, stuck wines, white table wine, sparkling wine, vermouth and flavoured wines, cider and apple wine, plum wines in Europe, berry wines in pacific coast states, cherry and plum wines in pacific coast states, pomegranate wine from concord grapes, pineapple wine, pear wine, wine from oranges, grapefruit wine, wine from dried fruits, Swiss research on fruit juice fermentation honey wine (mead), etc.

This book provides a complete detail on all aspects of Wine production like describe the varieties of wine available, its manufacturing process, bottling and storage of wine, quality control in wine making and many more. It is hoped that this book will be very resourceful to all its readers, students, scientists, technocrats, existing industries, new entrepreneurs and all those who are related to wine making.


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