Book on Managing Food Processing Industry Waste

Book on Managing Food Processing Industry Waste

Book on “Managing Food Processing Industry Waste”.

This book gives a complete detail on invaluable waste management concepts, utilization of by-products and the practical methods to implement them. This book deals on the techniques and methods for food processing wastage. Comprehensive in scope, the book provides solutions that are directly applicable to the daily waste management problems specific to the food processing industry.

This book basically deals with utilization of food industry wastes, ultra filtration in the recovery of food waste, recovery of fruit and vegetable wastes, recovery of protein, the screening of vegetable wastes, fat extraction, treatment of fatty effluents, recovery and utilization of protein, conversion of bone to edible products, utilization of waste in animal feeds, production of earthworm proteins, use of microbiological agents in upgrading waste for feed and food, underutilized proteins for beverages, coffee and tea wastes, utilization of food waste in pet food industry, etc.

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